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About Us

First Mate Farron

Don’t let anyone tell you you’re too young to accomplish something . . . Author Unknown

Farron has been a boating enthusiast since he was about 2-months old. While he would never fall asleep in a car, he had no problem finding instant relaxation on the ‘Fraid Knot.

Raised in Beaufort, NC, Farron skim-boards, body surfs, swims, snorkels, fishes, and sails. He has no fear of the water, but still has plenty of respect for its power. His land-based interests include rip sticking, skate boarding, riding bikes and playing video games with his friends.

Although still in school, Farron has worked as the First Mate at Fraid Knot Adventures since it began. He helps his mom and dad prepare for trips by catching bait, loading ice and gear, and running errands. He also helps clean up and wash and detail the boat when Capt. Paul returns from a trip. He loves hanging out with his mom and dad, and together they fish, island hop and explore the waters and barrier islands of the Crystal Coast.