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Saltwater Fishing Trips

We're open throughout the winter if the weather's right!

Call us TODAY to reserve your spot: 252-732-5748 

Conveniently based out of Historic Beaufort, NC, we offer a variety of fishing trips. All of our fishing excursions are customized to meet your needs, whether you're looking for something family friendly, for the beginner angler or for the experienced fishing enthusiast. Not interested in a fishing trip? Check out our scenic cruises! Call us at 252-732-5748 while we still have availability! 


Fish Like the Locals Fishing Trip 

2 1/2 Hours $300 
1-6 People 

What we are fishing for right now:  Spanish mackerel, puffers, spots, croakers, red and black drum, bluefish, black sea bass, sea mullet, flounder

Not sure you want to go out for a half or full-day of sport fishing? Then this mini-excursion is just for you! Enjoy the ride because it won't last long as we head to the local hot-spots. That means you can get straight to fishing. So sit back, relax and experience the Salt Life. Fishing times are largely based on the local tides.

15% Military Discount - call for more details: 252-732-5748  



In-Shore Fishing Trip 

Full Day $800  |  Half Day $450
1-6 People

What we're fishing for right now: Spanish mackerel, puffers, flounder, spots, red and black drum, sea mullet, black bass, bluefish, inshore lizardfish, and much more

This is a family friendly trip, but when the trout and puppy drum are in, it's a seriously exciting fishing adventure. You'll love reeling in whatever's fighting and biting. We'll help you identify the fish you catch and let you know if it's good for dinner. Who knows - Capt. Paul might even let you in on some of his favorite recipes! Families with younger children will especially enjoy the adventure of a half-day trip.

10% Military Discount - call for more details: 252-732-5748



Near-Shore Fishing Trip 

Full Day $900  |  3/4 Day $750 |  Half Day $500
1-6 People 

Fish for greater amberjack, Spanish mackerel, king mackerel, bonito, false albacore, pompano, cobia, black sea bass, blue fish, barracuda, and fish that even we don't know what they are

Looking for a family friendly fishing adventure that will give you a taste of the deep blue? Then you'll love this trip! The wrecks of the Graveyard of the Atlantic and the many artificial reefs off of our Crystal Coast hold hard-fighting and delicious species. After a battle with the greater amberjack (AKA Reef Donkey), your muscles will remind you for days how hard they fight. Captain's choice: live bait, bottom fishing, trolling. Families with younger children will especially enjoy the adventure of a half-day trip.

10% Military Discount - call for details: 252-732-5748



Off-Shore Trolling or Bottom Fishing Trip

Full Day $1,100
1-4 People

Fish for yellow fin tuna, grouper, king mackerel, porgies, black fin tuna, mahi-mahi, trigger fish, snapper, black bass, billfish, and whatever we can catch in the deep blue

This is a full day of trolling or bottom fishing where you do the fishing, not the mate. We'll show you the successful tactics that we've used for years to bring home the aquatic bacon. And you never know what you might see out in the briny deep, from the elusive Mola mola (AKA Giant Ocean Sunfish) to the endangered sea turtles that are found off our Crystal Coast. This is a great trip for both novice and experienced anglers.

10% Military Discount only - call for details: 252-732-5748 



Gulf Stream with Bottom Fishing Trip - Seasonal 

Full Day $1,500
1-4 Experienced Anglers Only

Fish for marlin, sail fish, tuna, mahi-mahi, trigger fish, snapper, grouper, tile fish, the occasional sea monster (just checking to see if you're paying attention!)

This is one hardcore off-shore fishing adventure! We'll go out as far as it takes, so we only make this trip when the conditions are ideal. But when we go, be prepared for action. This trip includes light tackle, deep water jigging and trolling for the hardest fighting game fish in the Atlantic. The marine pelagic environment is the largest aquatic habitat on Earth, occupying 330 million cubic miles, and we'll be fishing it! This is a Big Kid's adventure.

10% Military Discount - call for details: 252-732-5748